Refactoring With The Compose Method

Refactoring is hard. But there’s virtually always a great place to start when you have classes with huge methods. I’ll go over the compose method and how it can easily be introduced to almost any codebase.

Laravel Collections Overview

We use arrays on a day to day basis and often find ourselves repeating same code over-and-over again. Laravel’s Collections tool allows us to change our array modifications to be a bit more declarative which is great for keeping things obvious, readable and of course being test driven, nice and stable.

How NOT To Run A Freelance Development Business

I screwed up. I let Carve slip and now I’m contracting in the city for 3 months. This is the start of a weekly series on how I’m going to turn Carve around to become a digital product development agency with a replicatable sales and marketing strategy.

Why Is Everyone Raving About Immutability?

Immutability is pretty important for large projects where you have multiple developers and I’ll explain why.

Capistrano …an introduction

I show you an introduction to Capistrano and why it rocks my world! Supporting GitHub repository here: